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August 14

Common Sense Brake Training Clinic

Presented by Jay Stouse, Technical Sales Manager, Textar.


6:30pm, Registration
7-9pm, Program & Dinner

Event Location: Biltmore Hotel | 2151 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054

First person from a Chapter 42 member shop is free; other attendees pay $40

Presented by Jay Stouse, Technical Sales Manager, Textar.

This clinic will provide training on these topics: 

The Difference between an OE supplier and an Aftermarket Supplier

  • Attributes of the Pad and Why?
  • Formulations – what are they?
  • OE testing standards and EU aftermarket
  • Equipment needed to be an OE supplier

The biggest issue today with the brake system- Excessive Run-out

  • What causes excessive run-out?
  • What does it do to a rotor?
  • What corrective action is needed?
  • Torque wheel bolts to proper specs and why

Do rotors really warp?

  • A demonstration to show what a small piece of paper will do
  • Discuss why rotors do not warp
  • Show how ceramic pad transfer affects the rotor surface

What is the root cause of squeal?

  • Where to lubricate the pad and why and with what
  • Proper pad break in procedure
  • Cleaning of the hub surface and why

Come prepared to learn! Working dinner provided.

Take Ownership

Workshop: Working By The Numbers

Teach Your Team About Your Business to Build Accountability & Ownership

with guest presenter Maylan Newton, ESI Seminars


When employees take ownership of their work, they treat the business they are working for — and its money — as if it were their own. They will make decisions thoughtfully, responsibly, and with more care. They will also be more driven, motivated, and have more initiative, seeking creative and innovative ways to improve and develop what they are doing, rather than going through the motions and fulfilling the minimum, and worse still, stagnating.

Teach your team about business, the ABC’s of Cash Flow, and Basic P&L interpretation. Ever heard of the “6 Minute Factor,” the “Pitfalls of Discounting” and “The Missing employee.” Join us in determining what it could cost you and your business if you don’t.

Train your whole shop so they can learn these this and more. Employees taking ownership for their own actions keep your business thriving. Learn how 6 minutes per tech per day could be the difference between making money or closing your doors…just 6 minutes!

5:30pm, Registration
6-9pm, Workshop & Dinner

ASCCA members $69; non-members $99
Register now & save: regularly $149