Planning for a Bad Day

A Layman’s Guide to Insurance & Understanding What Your Shop Really Needs

What type of policy you should have depends on many factors. Property and Casualty insurance serves in protecting your small business from lawsuits and accidents, and not all policies are the same. If you run an auto repair shop, gas station, or tow service, you might be in need of a specific type of liability insurance plan that helps insure and financially protect vehicles kept and stored on your site. A common shop owner question is, for instance, what’s the difference between Garage Liability and Garagekeepers insurance?

Join us as Michael Vawter, Get Quotes Consulting, explains this question and more with real world examples and clear, concise explanations of the different coverages a business in the automotive industry should consider purchasing. Michael brings his insights and best practices that have been compiled over his decades in the insurance industry, both with large firms and in private practice. This is presentation is one every shop owner should hear and learn from to make educated decisions about their choices in types of business policies.

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End of Summer… Dreaming About When You Can Get Away?

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When, Where, & How Will It Be Safe To Travel?
with guest presenter
Deb Siegle, Owner, Come Travel Today

September 9, 2020 | 6:30pm

Come Travel Today Labor Day marks the end of summer in a lot of people’s minds, and the beginning of getting serious about holiday travel plans and into winter breaks and long weekend plans. You know you are dreaming to get away—admit it. Where do you want to go? What are the policies around cleanliness and seat sales for travel to where you want to go so you get there safely? Who are the best companies to give your travel dollars to?

With everything going on in the world today, we all need a break. And we deserve it, too. These are stressful times. There’s no doubt that going on a vacation can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. But with the pandemic, travel becomes much more challenging. The travel industry has been working hard on reopening safely and announcements are starting to come out now on holiday travel into 2021 spring and summer travel. Join us as Deb Siegle, Travel Consultant and owner of Come Travel Today, shares up-to-date information about maneuvering travel in this new world so you can start planning now for that dream you have about your next vacation.


Deb SiegleDeb Siegle, Travel Consultant and owner of Come Travel Today (cst 2136686-70)
assists clients with their travel plans, tailored to provide amazing, memorable experiences within budget. Deb works with individual, family, or group travel plans, including cruises or land-based travel, escorted or independent travel, destination weddings, anniversary, or reunion celebrations—big or smaller adventures, domestically or internationally. Deb has been ‘in travel’ since junior high when living in Mexico City. In addition to Mexico, Deb has traveled the world to Belize, Caymans, St Martin, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, St Johns, British Virgin Islands, Grenada, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand and also extensively inside the US.

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Unique New Revenue Ideas ~ A Facilitated Discussion

With Special Guest, John Eppstein, ASCCA State President

August 13, 2020

Join us in August for the Topic of the Night: Unique New Revenue Ideas.

Bring your great ideas and learn some new ones from the best in the business…other ASCCA chapter members!

We’ll also welcome John Eppstein, ASCCA State Association President, who will share his great tips, too, and give us an update of all the exciting happenings with the State Association.  

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ASCCA Online Party and Beer Tasting: 3 Microbrews

ASCCA Chapter 42 Beer Party!

July 28, 2020

While Major League baseball is returning for a shortened season, Minor League Baseball isn’t. Our annual summer event for nearly a decade has been held at the San Jose Giants Baseball stadium, so since we can’t go there, we’re bringing the party to our members online! We’ll have a beer tasting, activities, and each attendee will be shipped a Microbrew Beer Bucket—check out the contents below.

Created in small batches to achieve distinct, complex flavors, delicious microbrews have gained quite a following. And who doesn’t like a good beer, so, we decided to share a bucket together of some favorite craft brews and have a beer tasting ~ online!

In the Microbrew Beer Bucket, united are some of the favorite microbrews, one local to California, and two from Massachusetts, paired with an assortment of carefully chosen gourmet snacks. Your beer bucket will be delivered to you before the day of the event, so you can chill the beer beforehand. (California addresses only, please)


ASCCA Chapter 42 Beer Party!

  • Sierra Nevada Pale Ale– 12 oz. – Sierra Nevada’s most popular beer, this hops forward pale ale has a unique grapefruit and pine aroma.
  • Grey Lady Ale by Cisco Brewers– 12 oz. – Dry and spicy, this is Cisco’s take on a Belgian witbier (white beer). The flavor is soft and harmonious with notes of tropical fruit and spice.
  • Sam Adams Boston Lager– 12 oz. – One of the most popular American lagers sold, this full-bodied brew has a malty sweetness that finishes with a nice hoppy wallop.
  • Cheesy Cheddar Popcorn – 1.8 oz. – A cheese lover’s dream, you won’t want to put this bag down!
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Kettlecorn– 1.3 oz. – A delicious blend of of sweet and salty flavors in every mouthful.
  • Chichester Snack Mix – 2 oz. -This delicious snack mix is a perfect blend of salty pretzel nuggets, crispy cheddar crackers, and mixed nuts.
  • Large Galvanized Steel Bucket – The perfect place to ice down your beers in!

WARNING: Drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information go to

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The Land and Expand Sales Model: Nurturing Your Existing Customers with 6 Simple Principles to Grow Your Company’s Top and Bottom Line

The Land and Expand Sales Model

If you want to stand out and create lasting relationships with consumers, you need to provide excellent customer experiences. In a recent Salesforce study, 79% of respondents said it’s critical or very important to interact with a salesperson who acts as a trusted advisor, not just a sales person. So, approach sales from a helpful standpoint to create excellent customer experiences in the automotive industry where customers already tend to be more skeptical.

Creating excellent customer experiences relies on your ability to build trust with your existing customers. You want them to keep returning to your shop, time after time. You need to show them that your priority is their safety, not in making the sale, so their intention is to use you as their trusted automotive repair facility. You want to introduce your customers to products and services that will solve their problem while authentically showing the pros and cons of their options.

In the automotive industry, customers have many options, and they know that. If a business doesn’t suit their full needs or provide the experience they expect, they will move on to find another business that does. Join us to learn from Patty Watkins, Managing Partner, M.O.R.E. Sales Advisors, how to focus on keeping your existing customers with the EXPAND element of The Land and EXPAND Sales Framework – and why that is the fastest path to expanding your bottom line!

REGISTER NOW ~ Don’t miss this informative webinar!

About the Presenter

Patty Watkins
Managing Partner, M.O.R.E. Sales Advisors

About the Presenter

Patty Watkins
Managing Partner, M.O.R.E. Sales Advisors

Patricia Watkins has extensive experience as an SVP and VP of Sales, regionally, nationally and globally in both startups in Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies including HP, AT&T, Teradata, and NCR. She earned her BBA from The University of Texas at Austin and her MBA from Santa Clara University. Patricia has built sales organizations from $0 to $100M plus, multiple times, transformed several sales teams from worst to first, and led many successful teams to significantly improved results.

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Bankable Communication: Creating Commitment vs. Compliance From Your Team


The ability to manage is always easier when PROVEN RESULT-BASED Communication is in place for you and your team to maximize results! Now more than ever, it’s important to retain employees ~ their loyalty is critical to our survival after COVID-19.

Join us as Dave Schedin, CEO, The CompuTrek Group, shares tips and tools you can use at your shop and at home to create a solid team. Don’t miss this informative webinar!

Send this webinar invite to a non-ASCCA Shop (owner or manager) and invite them to attend! 

Members who invite two or more NON-members to attend the webinar will receive

FREE one-hour Leadership & Personal Development Executive Level coaching session from Coach Dave! Just be sure to CC/copy Dave on the invitation email to your contact for validation (

Valuable tools you will learn about:

  • How to enroll others to commitment & dealing with broken commitments
  • Three ways of listening
  • Reacting -vs- Responding

About the Presenter

Dave Schedin, CEO, The CompuTrek Group

About the Presenter

Dave Schedin, CEO, The CompuTrek Group

With his start-up and management of Dave’s Auto Repair, the birth of “CompuTrek Automotive Management Systems” was developed and now, proven to ensure service centers are highly profitable and integrous. This System was the catalyst that launched his own repair business to a near million dollar sales in under four years.

A Pacific Northwest native, Dave began his career as a young lad working for independent repair shops, intrigued after a summer of watching his grandfather fix cars at his gas station in Alaska. Working his way through various managerial capacities in the dealership arena and seeing significant results, it was here his entrepreneurial spirit and vision for automotive management lit fire.


Wednesday, May 13, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
7-9 p.m., Facilitated Discussion & Webinar

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HR Updates for Businesses: What You Need to Know Now

With the rapidly changing status of COVID-19, the business community is facing many urgent and unique challenges. In addition to complying with safety guidelines from sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, numerous other issues have been raised for businesses, including questions about travel, health and safety concerns, and discrimination claim risks. From staff who refuse to stay home when sick, to those who want to know the ins-and-outs of State Disability Insurance (SDI) or federal programs, your employees are looking to you for guidance—what do employers need to know? If employers can put a plan in place, they’re not just going to save the bottom line, they’re going to save themselves and their employees heartache and fear.

Join us as Maureen Clark, CEO of Three Sixty HR, Inc., reviews how businesses and HR policies are affected in light of the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Don’t miss this informative webinar.

About the Presenter

Maureen Clark is the CEO of Three Sixty HR, Inc. and the founder of its predecessor company, Clark Associates. Her depth and breadth of HR experience inside organizations and consulting, as well as her extensive volunteer experience, are all brought to bear on solving clients’ problems.


Wednesday, April 8, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

7-9 p.m., Facilitated Discussion & Webinar

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Getting Your Estate In Order

You built a thriving business, but how do you protect it? Who will take over your business when you retire? Who will keep it going if you become disabled or pass away? Who takes care of you if something happens? A proper estate plan reduces the stress of your loved ones and protects your assets from time-consuming and costly probate court proceedings.

Learn from expert Jeannette R. Marsala, Life Planning Attorney, and founder of Marsala Law Firm, the essentials of how getting your estate in order. A life planning attorney evaluates your current financial and legal status, analyzes potential problems that may arise in the future, and creates a customized “life plan” that addresses those future problems. Without a plan, you don’t name a successor, thus risking that your family could lose control of your business. With a plan, you choose who will own and control your business after you are gone.

About the Presenter
Jeannette R. Marsala is the founder of Marsala Law Firm, a boutique law firm specializing in trust sand estates. She earned a BA in Business Management Economics from UC Santa Cruz and her law degree from Golden Gate University. She also earned a Masters in Law in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate from Golden Gate University.

Wednesday, March 6:30-9:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m., Registration — No Host Cocktails 
7-9 p.m., Facilitated Discussion & Dinner

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2020 Compliance Update: Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The #MeToo movement of 2018 continued to drive increased attention in 2019 to the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace. State and city legislatures, including California, passed legislation and developed regulations that included provisions to implement or expand employer requirements for workplace sexual harassment prevention policies and/or training. 

All employers should consider examining their internal processes for addressing inappropriate behavior in the workplace and take steps to create a safe, respectful environment for all employees and non-employees. To help shops get this compliance training in place, the Chapter will be welcoming special guest Drew Taylor from CoreMark Insurance Services, who will be providing a very important 2020 compliance update related to health insurance and the mandatory sexual harassment training for California businesses with 5+ employees. Drew’s dynamic background in public service and his Bachelor’s Degree in Business make him an excellent partner and resource for our members.

CoreMark is our only endorsed ASCCA Health Insurance partner and share a significant portion of their revenue with the association which helps with our legislative advocacy as well as bolstering association activities. CoreMark has generously made the mandatory training available to ASCCA members at no cost. Their forward thinking and timely solutions continue to impress the ASCCA and the members who choose to partner with them. Please join us to help you keep your shop in compliance.

Wednesday, February 12, 6:30-9:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m., Registration — No Host Cocktails 
7-9 p.m., Facilitated Discussion & Dinner

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Beyond New Year Resolutions: Anchored Life-Goal Setting

Happy New Year 2020!

It’s not uncommon to hear that new year resolutions have a high rate of ‘fizzle affect’ – 80% failing by February of this year.

This facilitated session with help you anchor your life goals to your 2020 driving value. You will leave with a score card, assessing where you are today in your life goals and specific SMART goals that will take you through the year 2020.

You will also have time for table discussion with your peers on their own process for executing on their goals.

Join us at the ASCCA Chapter meeting and learn from a professional how to get your priorities in line.

About the Presenter

Angel Rampy specializes in coaching and training professionals in the United States. She brings a local and international perspective to her coaching and training services. She has worked with many global organizations and professionals in Silicon Valley.

Her interpersonal and analytical skills—and her results-oriented approach—make Angel a trusted advisor for people and companies. Unlike most coaches, Angel has expertise in a variety of coaching methods, giving her the versatility to provide the “right” coaching approach and training for the person and situation.

She earned her coaching credentials through the Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California, and honed her skills at the College of Executive Coaching in Santa Barbara, California and at the Center for Right Relationship in San Rafael. Angel is one of only about 100 people worldwide who have been certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center as a Level 2 CQ-certified facilitator. This training increases her effectiveness in helping organizations interact with different cultures.

Wednesday, January 8, 6:30-9:00 p.m.

6:30 p.m., Registration — No Host Cocktails 
7-9 p.m., Facilitated Discussion & Dinner

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