Common Sense Brake Training Clinic

August 14, 2019 | 6:30-9:00PM






Common Sense Brake Training Clinic

Presented by Jay Stouse, Technical Sales Manager, Textar.


Agenda: 6:30pm, Registration 7-9pm, Program & Dinner

Event Location: Biltmore Hotel | 2151 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Cost: First person from a Chapter 42 member shop is free; other attendees pay $40

Presented by Jay Stouse, Technical Sales Manager, Textar.

This clinic will provide training on these topics: 

The Difference between an OE supplier and an Aftermarket Supplier

  • Attributes of the Pad and Why?
  • Formulations – what are they?
  • OE testing standards and EU aftermarket
  • Equipment needed to be an OE supplier

The biggest issue today with the brake system- Excessive Run-out

  • What causes excessive run-out?
  • What does it do to a rotor?
  • What corrective action is needed?
  • Torque wheel bolts to proper specs and why

Do rotors really warp?

  • A demonstration to show what a small piece of paper will do
  • Discuss why rotors do not warp
  • Show how ceramic pad transfer affects the rotor surface

What is the root cause of squeal?

  • Where to lubricate the pad and why and with what
  • Proper pad break in procedure
  • Cleaning of the hub surface and why

Come prepared to learn! Working dinner provided.

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