Planning for a Bad Day

A Layman’s Guide to Insurance & Understanding What Your Shop Really Needs

What type of policy you should have depends on many factors. Property and Casualty insurance serves in protecting your small business from lawsuits and accidents, and not all policies are the same. If you run an auto repair shop, gas station, or tow service, you might be in need of a specific type of liability insurance plan that helps insure and financially protect vehicles kept and stored on your site. A common shop owner question is, for instance, what’s the difference between Garage Liability and Garagekeepers insurance?

Join us as Michael Vawter, Get Quotes Consulting, explains this question and more with real world examples and clear, concise explanations of the different coverages a business in the automotive industry should consider purchasing. Michael brings his insights and best practices that have been compiled over his decades in the insurance industry, both with large firms and in private practice. This is presentation is one every shop owner should hear and learn from to make educated decisions about their choices in types of business policies.

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