Jan 13 | Working With You Is Killing Me

Let’s face it—it’s a tough industry


And we contribute to the toughness.

You’ve heard it before: “You’re your own worst enemy.” Well, when it comes to the way we treat our bodies at work that cliché could not be more true.

And, we also are the worst enemy of our employees in many cases. Everyday behaviors contribute to our aches and pains—the chair is the wrong height for the service writer, technicians stand too long with no breaks, lighting in offices and the shops is too dim; the list goes on and on. Let’s face it: we work in a tough industry.

But there are things–little things–that have a huge impact. The study of ergonomics has changed drastically—it’s not just about chairs and keyboards any more.

Join us as we welcome Susan Hannah, Arranged For Comfort, to our January 13 meeting. Susan’s smart tips will take the long-term problems out of our everyday activities.

About the Presenter
susan-hannah-croppedFor close to 20 years, Susan Hannah, owner of Arranged4Comfort in San Carlos has been honing her skills in the art of fitting the computer work station to the individual. The ergonomic principals she will present apply to both office and home computer work. Beginning as a consultant to SOMA Ergonomics, she was amazed to discover that of course, one size chair does not fit all. Once she learned to fit chairs to people, she dove deeply into the industry to learn all she could about addressing the various products and solutions available to accomplish complete comfort for users from 4’6” to 6’7”. Arranged For Comfort also expanded into bay area ergonomic product dealerships and contract office furniture, working with clients throughout the bay area. Susan has worked with companies such as VISA, City & County of SF, Del Monte Foods, Nektar Therapeutics, Mike Clark Accounting, White Oak Orchids, Satmetrix and hundreds of other individuals and firms. All these experiences enable her to specify and provide a complete solution for you and your organization.


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