A Quick Message from Arek at True Power Services (those lighting guys).

First, I’d like to thank everyone from Chapter 42 for the VERY warm welcome.  It made the evening seem less like a gathering of business people, and more like a meeting of a group of friends…which I guess it was, wasn’t it?

I’d like to also extend a very warm “Thank You” to Matt Ogabian, of Made In Japan, who invited me.  His invitation allowed me to meet a great group of people that I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with.

One of the questions I was asked was how much PG&E might pay of the cost for a project, so I thought a few examples from some of the members might help:

  • Matt Ogabian, Made In Japan: project total $2,759.42, and PG&E paid 86%, leaving only $387.31 for the shop to pay.
  • Joe Silva, Custom Alignment: project total $9,665.60, with PG&E covering 78%, leaving $2,124.91 for the shop to pay.
  • AutoTrend Diagnostics: project total $5,225.21; PG&E covered 88%, so Dave Kusa only had to cover $625.52

While these examples aren’t a guarantee, since I haven’t seen YOUR shop yet, they are great examples of what PG&E is doing for businesses out there.  And as mentioned, the worse your lights are, the older they are and the more energy they waste, the better your rebate can be.

We’ve helped a few of the ASSCA shops get great rebates from PG&E’s program, and we would love to help more of you enjoy great rebates, lower electricity bills, and much better lighting in your shops.

We don’t “sell” anything, we’re not trying to get you to buy anything, we’re trying to help people get the most from PG&E, and improve the look and feel of your business.

Once again, thank you all VERY much for a fantastic evening…and a darned good dinner!



True Power Services

If you would like Arek or Paul to come by and see what can be done for your business, just give them a call at (530) 544-8211, or email them at paul@truepowerservices.com or arek@trupowerservices.com, www.truepowerservices.com.



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